I Teach, Coach and Mentor  Inc. 5000 Companies & executives How to REcruit & Hire Better, faster & Differently than their competition.  

Bradley Richardson


Hiring is a lot like dancing... people don't do it often and they tend to think they're much better at it than they actually are.

Just because you are good at starting or running a business, doesn't mean that you excel in ALL areas. When it comes to growing the people side of the business most executives over estimate their abilities. 

You don't know what you don't know.  

When growing your business, you know enough to "get by" for a while, or you go back to what worked in your previous professional life when you had a big department and plenty of resources, or maybe you simply copy what everyone else does and resort to expensive temporary fixes like outside recruiters or useless ads instead of learning how to do it right from start. Even the people  who fall into or take over a "people" role may not know what to do or bring bad habits. Having a guide or mentor to coach you can shorten your learning curve, help you avoid costly mistakes and teach you and your team best practices that you can use right now and as you scale.

I show you what you don't know and coach you to be better at the things you do... 

"I coach executives & companies  how to recruit & hire better and do it  faster, cheaper, more effectively than outside recruiters and the competition."
"You got where you are today, by doing things differently and better than everyone else. You market, sell, develop products and services differently than larger companies... I'll show you how to hire that way too."  
- Bradley Richardson

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“Thankfully we engaged Bradley Richardson to help us further expand into new national markets and think differently about talent in our HIGHLY competitive sector.

Bradley brought a VERY progressive approach to our Talent strategy built on his depth of knowledge. Bradley is an excellent strategic partner
— David Gregorio, Medsynergies (Named one of Modern Healthcare's Fastest Growing Companies)

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