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For over twenty years, Bradley Richardson has been recognized as a best-selling author, coach, speaker and one of the top executive recruiters, career and hiring strategists in America.

Bradley and his work have been featured on Good Morning America, Fox News, ABC News, CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg TV, and NPR -- and in such publications as USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Entrepreneur Magazine, , U.S. News & World Report and Rolling Stone.

He is the founder of OSP Advisory in Dallas, Texas,  where he is engaged to teach, coach and mentor executives and leaders of Inc. 5000 and other high growth companies in all industries how to recruit and hire better, faster and differently than their competitors.

Author of five books, including two (2) national best sellers, Career Comeback (Broadway/RandomHouse) and Jobsmarts for Twentysomethings (Vintage/RandomHouse), Richardson's books have been published in (11) countries and (4) languages.

Prior to founding OSP Advisory, Bradley served in various leadership roles in the career and recruiting space including positions at Dow Jones / The Wall Street Journal and as Managing Partner and National Practice Director for one of the ten largest retained executive search firms in America, where he focused on placing executive leadership including CEO, CFO, Vice Presidents and Directors. 

Over his career he has personally recruited thousands of individuals and has been engaged by leading companies throughout the Inc. 500 and Fortune 500 and others including Southwest Airlines, AT&T, Komen Foundation for the Cure, Varidesk and more. He is sought after to coach, advise, create strategies and share ideas which they execute to identify, reach, recruit and hire top talent, so they can ultimately grow the business and beat the competition. 

He is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma where he was a varsity tennis player and letterman for the Sooners. 

Hi. I'm Bradley Richardson

I've found that anyone can have a trained PR monkey write a glowing bio or background page, filled with vague BS terms like "visionary" or "thought leader."

You've seen them, the type of amorphous, hyperbole and grandiose BS ClAIMS that make that person appear to have split the atom in between modeling gigs, saving puppies and teaching orphans to read. (uh... kinda like job postings)

Need proof? Go on LinkedIn or Instagram and see how many 25 year old "transformative, "game changing", "influencers" you'll find.  Free Pro Tip... If Oprah, Fast Company or The Wall Street Journal call you a "visionary, thought leader" ... YOU ARE! ie. Malcomb Gladwell, Seth Godin. If you call yourself that ... chances are YOU AIN'T. (sorry Bob with Accounting Pro's in Toledo) 

Of course I realize there has to be some sizzle with the steak, but I also believe that it is just as important to know the real person and his or her story, as it is to read the stats or career highlights, so here is a taste.

I'm a fifth generation Texan and live in Dallas. I've been here over 20 years. Raised in the red dirt and wind of West Texas, I left to play varsity tennis for the Oklahoma Sooners in college. I then moved to NYC where I lived and worked for several years. 

I have three college aged kids and a blue pitbull.

I still play tennis and a few years ago was ranked in the top 50 in America in my age group. I'm not talking about dink around social league stuff.  I'm an enormous racing and motorsport fan. (I love Nascar... don't judge me) I enjoy yoga... though I'm really bad at it. I paint and write and am currently working on additional books and a new podcast. One of my upcoming projects that I'm excited about is called 52 Souls.  

Clients, friends and people who meet me comment on my creativity, ability to see common things with a fresh or different perspective and how I can easily connect the dots and communicate high level concepts so that people easily understand.

I make things simple.  This is largely because I focus on "human" needs, emotion, motivations and connection to drive results. C'mon people! We are dealing with...people. It's not that hard once you operate from that perspective, but as the saying goes... "If common sense were common, everyone would have it."

Let's talk and get to know each other. Until then the best way to get to know me is to read what I write and my content. Start by SUBSCRIBING for the free updates and blog so you get the freshest ideas in your inbox.

Have a question? Send me a message and let's talk.