Teaching & Coaching Inc. 5000 Companies & executives How to REcruit & Hire Better, faster & Differently than their competition & Grow their own hunters.

What I Do for You 


"I coach executives & growing companies how to recruit & hire better, faster, cheaper, and differently than outside recruiters and the competition."

I show you what you don't know and coach you to be better at the things you do... 

Through a series of 1:1 sessions and on call access (via phone, online/skype or "in person") I teach, coach and mentor you how to think and act differently so you and your company can capitalize on your unique advantages and develop baseline skills and recruiting strategies you can replicate and use as you scale.

Give a person a fish, they eat for a day... TEACH a person to fish, they eat forever. 

When you pay a recruiter an outrageous placement fee for one candidate... you eat for a day. But at the end of that day, you having nothing to show for it beyond the person hired. Not only do you give up control and rely on someone else, it can't be repeated without paying another huge fee, 

  • What if you could teach your own executives what to look for, how to do it just as well, if not better than an outside agency?

  • What if you could remain in control and develop procedures, internal talent and strategies that can be replicated and used as you scale?

  • What if you could grow your own team or turn your executives and hiring managers into a professional team of meat eating recruiting animals ... or at least a group of really aggressive vegans? 😉

  • What if you just upped your own game and knowledge so you can be more effective and hold others accountable? 

If you're serious about winning at hiring it takes thinking acting differently

You can do it. I'll show you how... Keep reading below.

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"You got where you are today, by doing things differently and better than everyone else... I'll show you how to hire that way too."


You can't compete for talent against bigger companies by doing the same things they do. (most of which are wrong anyway.)

If you’re a growing company… you are often competing for same people against a companies with a brand name with resources that you don't have.

You are seriously outgunned by traditional standards and methods… no matter how cool or cutting edge your culture, product, service, social media or leaders may be.

YOUR PROBLEM IS NOT WHERE TO PLACE A JOB AD OR WHETHER YOU SHOULD USE LINKEDIn, facebook or invest in the latest technology or system.

Your problem is that you don't know what you don't know, so you try to play the same game that the big companies and everyone else does. 

You rely upon common methods or follow the herd which often means placing an ad (aka boring job description), going on LinkedIn or hiring an expensive, greedy or incompetent recruiter who may or may not get it done and simply does NOT have your best interest at heart.

Your biggest barrier to success is “OBSCURITY” and playing the same game the same way everyone else does.  

The former VP of Talent & People for Google once said

"Hiring isn't a priority until it becomes a crisis."

If you are a company the size of Google, with an army of resources and "experts" you can overlook or hide a lot of mistakes or bad hires for a while before they become a crisis.

But if you are a start up, small or mid-sized business or growing company you can't afford or hide mistakes or lack of knowledge.

A crisis, bad hire, incompetence, following the herd or blindly going down a path without knowing what you're doing can cost you financially, culturally, and operationally.

It not only slows you down but can set you on a disastrous path. 

Based on 20+ years of experience and a unique approach to hiring that allows companies to be nimble, creative and most of all human, I show executives and companies how to stand out, develop processes, understand how the recruiting game really works.

You will discover how to get the most value and accountability from your current resources and how to grow your own talent teams. You will learn how to establish procedures, unique strategies and best practices that work right now and can be repeated as you scale.

Whether you call it coaching, teaching, mentoring, or advising, I educate, coach, guide and advise senior leaders of Inc. 5000 and growing organizations on hiring, recruiting and talent related issues and strategies. 

By working together you will have an on call advisor, sounding board and mentor to share best practices, be an objective straight shooter and help you avoid pitfalls as you scale and grow. 

Coaching, Mentoring, Teaching You and Your Team How to Hire better than your competition

How It Works


Think of it like having a trainer, therapist, professor, or coach on call whenever you need it... just for everything people, hiring & recruiting related.  

Individuals or companies engage me for A set period of time, generally over several months, for a single flat fee.

During that time you have generous access to me via phone, online skype / facetime or face to face visits at your location or at my office in Dallas. 

These are one on one sessions you can schedule as often as you like or simply whenever needed. There are some scheduling guidelines, but most sessions are broken into 1/2 day / 1 hour  / 30 min or what we like to call, "OMG or Emergency" calls. You will also have unlimited access via email and text. 

Each client's needs, goals and baseline knowledge is different therefore some choose to meet or communicate more frequently (weekly or bi-weekly), while  others have an intense 30 day period followed by monthly sessions or use "on call" as needed. You control your schedule.

The investment is a flat fee for the duration. There are no hourly or daily rates. This structure give you as much access, connection and information as you need and are comfortable with, so you can get the most value, knowledge and results.

It isn't cheap... but ask yourself,

What if you could save you a minimum of $250,000 with one idea from our conversations?

Would that be valuable to you?

Let me rephrase the question.

What if you could save $250,000 for LESS than what you would spend to entertain clients at a couple of conferences or less than you spend for one single placement fee or retainer?

As one COO for an Inc. 500 client said to me, "Bradley, we spend more on quarterly dinners and outings for sales people. This is a no brainer."

Typically the ROI is around 10x+ in the first year and and can surpass 25x to 50X+ over time. Some clients have learned and discovered ideas or strategies in the first two weeks that have immediately covered the cost of our work together. It pays for itself quickly.

To give you an example, if you are currently using outside recruiters, search firms or staffing agencies... I can show you how to cut those expenses by a MINIMUM or 30-50% per year immediately. 

However the most impactful long term value is in helping you learn what to do, where to go, shorten your learning curve, establish strategies and a process that you can use again and again both personally or as your company grows.

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